Exam - Sickness

Procedure for Examination De-Registration due to Health Issues (courtesy Translation)

Students have the possibility to withdraw themselves from examinations in the LSF/HisQis portal before the respective deadline. Please check your Study- and Examination Regulation to find the applicable deadlines and further information.

Additionally, an examination withdrawal is possible if health issues prevent students to attend the examination (specific medical certificate needed).



What do I have to do when I become sick and cannot attend the examination?

Immediately visit a doctor that will verify your sickness on the necessary medical certificate.
Filling out the form “Request for withdrawal from examinations” is mandatory in order to withdraw from examinations.


When and where do I have to submit the medical certificate?

The medical certificate and the form “Request for withdrawal from examinations” have to be submitted immediately (without undue delay).

Assuming that the withdrawal period for the examination has been exceeded, you have to submit the medical certificate and the completely filled-out form “Request for withdrawal from examinations” to the applicable faculty’s examination office or to the Campus Service Center.


How do I submit the medical certificate?

The necessary medical certificate (Request for withdrawal from examinations) can be submitted as follows

  • Personally submit the necessary documents to your faculty’s examination office* or the Campus Service Center during the respective office hours

  • Via postal service addressed to

         Campus Service Center
         Postfach 4120
         39106 Magdeburg

  • After office hours you can submit the documents to the information and security service office at the Otto-von-Guericke University (Building 09)

*Students of the faculty of Medicine should primarily use their responsible examination office on the medical campus (medical faculty, Studiendekanat, house 2, Leipziger Str. 44, 39120 Magdeburg)


What do I do when I get sick during the period of writing seminar paper/dissertation/thesis?

Immediately submit a medical certificate to your faculty’s examination office (please also refer to the information: inability to write my seminar paper/dissertation/thesis). Please note that your examination regulations are always prevailing.

The writing period will be extended according to your proved sickness absence. The adapted submission date will be displayed on LSF/HisQis.


What does "inability to take an examination" mean?
Students have to disclose their condition in order to verifify their inability to take an examination (the specific diagnosis does not have to be named). The implications of the sickness on the examination performance have to be described. A medical certificate simply proving the inability to work or take an exam is not sufficient (please use the official university form as a medical certificate).


What happens once I submitt my medical certificate?
You will be de-registered from the examination. After your recovery you must register again for the applicable examination.
I was charged for issuing the medical certificate. What can I do?

Any costs of the medical certificate are to be borne by the student himself. It is not possible for the OVGU to cover the costs. The charging of fees is at the discretion and responsibility of the dorctors. The OVGU assumes that the medical certificate is a so-called short certificate according to No. 70 GOÄ and can therefore cause a fee of currently between €2.33 and €8.16.

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