Transcript of Records

This website will give you answers to the most frequently asked questions related to transcript of records.
For more specific questions, please contact your faculty’s examination office.



What is a transcript of records?
A confirmed transcript of records is a document listing all examinations that have been passed or failed during your studies. Transcript of records may also contain the holder's status regarding their entitlement to take (an) examination(s) (certificate of non-objection/"Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung").


Which versions are offered?

Since 04.05.2015, two different versions are available:

1st version: officially confirmed transcript of records (with stamp and signature)

2nd version: digital transcript of records (available to download in .pdf format)


Who may issue transcript of records?
Officially confirmed transcripts of records can be obtained from the Campus Service Center or the relevant Examination Office of your faculty. Please note the respective office hours. Digital transcripts of records are available for download from your LSF account.


How can I obtain a transcript of records?

In person:
An officially confirmed print-out version can be obtained from the institutions mentioned above upon presentation of a valid student ID or identity card (passport).

By your authorized representative:
It is also possible for you to authorize someone to pick up your officially confirmed transcript of records. In this case, you must issue and submit an authorization form for this person including a copy of your passport. The following document (pdf) can be used as a template.

Digital download:
In order to download the transcript of records in German, please select "Meine Funktionen", then click on "Prüfungsverwaltung" in the navigation menu on the left.
The relevant documents are stored under "Notenspiegel" for you to download.

To download the transcript of records in English, please first change the language to English by clicking on the British flag in the top right-hand corner.
Then select "My Functions" on the left-hand side, and click on "Administration of exams" in the navigation menu.
The relevant documents are stored under "Transcript of Records" for you to download.

By post:
a) We can also send your transcript of records to you by post. In this case, please send a stamped and pre-addressed envelope to the following address:

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
Campus Service Center
Postfach 4120
39106 Magdeburg

IMPORTANT: Before sending the self-addressed and stamped envelope, please either contact the relevant staff member in the Campus Service Center under +49 (0)391 67 50 004 or submit an accompanying letter that clearly states your request, including a copy of your student ID or passport.

b) You may also transfer the fee for issuing and sending the transcript to us.
Please request the account details and the exact amount required by phone under +49 (0)391 67 50 004.
IMPORTANT: Please do not transfers money without prior agreement.


What can I do when examination results are missing on my transcript of records?
If you are unable to generate/open a transcript of records via LSF or if examination results are missing/incorrect on the transcript of records created, please contact the responsible examination office of your faculty immediately. This will usually be due to organizational or technical reasons.


Is the digital transcript of records from the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg an original?
Digital transcripts of records can be verified by the following statement:  
"Dieses Dokument wurde mit Hilfe der studentischen Online-Selbstbedienungsfunktion erstellt" or "This document was produced using the students' online self-service function".
It is always the decision of the recipient whether digital transcript of records will be recognized. If there is any doubt, you can submit an officially certified transcript of records by the university.

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