Family Passport

The Family Passport aims to support students with family duties to reconcile studying and family.

The following advantages are offered by the Family Passport:


  • Special consideration for course enrollment

  • Individual part-time studies

  • Entitlement to receive additional vacation semesters

  • Individual examination plan (only in exceptional cases)

  • Granting of a parking permit

  • Purchase of a “kids-meal” in the Mensa


In order to receive the Family Passport, please visit the Campus Service Center during our opening hours.

Please show a proof of entitlement (e.g. birth certificate or “Mutterpass)” for the application. The overall process just takes a few minutes. After the necessary data have been initialized within the administrative system, you can revalidate your student ID card that will show a new remark.

Further information and offers for students with family duties can be obtained from the family office.

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