This website will give you an overview about the most frequently asked questions related to internships during your studies.


Am I entitled to receive minimum wage during my internship?

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs offers a simple online tool (German), to determine whether you are entitled to receive minimum wage during your internship.
In addition to that, more detailed information about minimum wage can be found in this flyer (English).


What do I have to take into account concerning my health insurance?

Our cooperation partner “IKK gesundplus” offers information and case studies (German) that are related to health insurance questions while doing an internship.
Please contact your health insurance company directly for more detailed information.


What do I have to take into account concerning my statutory accident insurance?

“Students at state universities and universities of applied science that have to complete a mandatory internship before, within, or after their studies according to their study-and examination regulations and voluntary internships that are completed for reasons of expediency are considered."

For mandatory internships state universities or universities of applied science do not have an impact of the manner in which the internship is completed. During the internship students emerge themselves into the company’s operations procedures and therefore, fulfill the requirements for dependent employees according to §2 Abs.1 Nr. 1 SGB VII.

Consequently, the accident insurance of the company that offers the internship will also be responsible for interns (§133 Abs. 1 SGB VII) no matter if the internship is mandatory of voluntary."

Source (German): Unfallkasse Sachsen-Anhalt

Further information (German):


Where can I receive an internship confirmation?

In case you plan to complete a mandatory internship in accordance with your study- and examination regulation, you will receive an internship confirmation from the examination office of your faculty that you can submit to your employer.


Where can I find internships or job opportunities?

The Otto-von-Guericke-University offers a Career Service to students that are searching for internships or job offers, and informs students about the German labor market, application documents and the overall application process.

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